Disaster Relief

The United Methodist Church is a worldwide leader in providing compassion ministries to those in need, especially at times of natural disasters.  In our own state the Great Plains United Methodist Disaster Response Team stayed in Mulvane for more than two years following the devastating floods there.  Click here to see the report KWCH did on the church's efforts to restore lives and homes following that ordeal.

Currently, we are in the city of Eureka, helping for the second time in as many years, following the tornado that ripped through the Greenwood County seat.  Click here to see the efforts and to support it.



Additionally, the global United Methodist Church is actively involved around the world providing relief ministries to victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, and other multinational disasters.  UMCOR, or the United Methodist Committee on Relief, stays where it is needed, until the job is done.  Long after the cameras leave and other relief agencies depart, the presence of Christ's healing remains through this relief agency.  100% of funds donated to UMCOR go directly to the designated fund area.  Each local United Methodist Church provides the administrative costs each year; thus, it does not count on disasters to occur in order to fund its operating budget.  A $10 donation means $10 is placed in the hands of those who need it.  Secular organizations can take up to 25% of all disaster-related donations for their "administrative" costs.  The church does not profit off from someone else's displacement.