Puddle Duck Preschool

Puddle Duck Preschool enrollment takes place each spring for the next school year, but the staff are happy to answer any questions about enrollment any time of the year. Each school year begins in September and ends in May. Both morning and afternoon classes are available for the 3/4 year old class and the 4/5 year old class. Please contact Amy Jennings, Puddle Duck Preschool Director, at (785)460-2603 for more information on tuition, enrollment, and to answer any other questions. 

Our Philosophy
Puddle Duck Preschool is dedicated to fostering the development of young children, 3 to 5 years of age. We offer a nurturing, safe environment and age appropriate curriculum that will promote the social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of young children. 

At Puddle Duck Preschool, we believe that children should have opportunities to: 
* develop a positive self-image
* learn respect and appreciation for self and others
* express his/her own thoughts and ideas
* explore their creative expression through art, play, music, and drama
* gain confidence in his/her abilities
* experience joy in learning
We believe that young children learn by doing. Children acquire knowledge about the physical and social world in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people. Puddle Duck Preschool will promote a concrete, play-oriented approach to early childhood education. 

A Day At Preschool
A typical school day may include these activities. Following directions and using our listening skills are incorporated into each day. 
* Center Time: An opportunity to choose from a variety of centers: housekeeping, large muscle activities (blocks, trucks, ect.), creative arts, books, computer, easel painting, table activities (puzzles, manipulatives, play doh, ect.), science activities. Other centers are added as interests dictate.
* Circle Time: A time for the group to talk about the theme for the week, read stories, learn fingerplays, listen to records, sing songs, experiment and have fun with sound and rhythm.
* Snack Time: We enjoy a drink and a healthy snack. The children will be providing the snack and helping serve. We work on using good table manners, pray, and take time to have conversation with our friends. 
* Outdoor Play: This is a real favorite and offers many opportunities to physical development, social interaction, taking turns, and just having a good time. When weather does not permit, we will do large motor activities inside. 

Parent Involvement
We strongly encourage parent involvement in our program and there will be opportunities for you to volunteer throughout the year! Children love to have their parents come! (and teachers appreciate the help!)
Puddle Duck Preschool is a mission of the Colby United Methodist Church